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Lutsk-Shatsk 02 - 06 July 2018
Association for the Advancement of Modelling and Simulation Techniques in Enterprises-Ukraine and Poland

The Conferences INTERNATIONAL MODELLING SCHOOL of AMSE-UAPL (Application to the practical problems in sciences and engineering) work under the aegis of Ukrainian-Polish regional branch of International Association for Advancement of Modeling Simulation Techniques in Enterprises (AMSE-UAPL), which started its activity in Lviv (Ukraine) and Rzeszow (Poland). The AMSE started its activity in Lyon and Grenoble (France) and in Barcelona (Spain). The AMSE organizes a range of activities, including several international Conferences per year, which are intended to address different developments and improvements in the theory of modeling and simulation and their application to practical problems in engineering and science. The AMSE is active from 1981. In early years (1980-1995) AMSE acted under the leadership of well-known prof. G.Mesnard (France). Since 1995 AMSE have been leading by well-known economist, prof. J.Gil Aluja (Spain). Regional branch AMSE-Ukraine was created while working AMSE-Conference in London in 1992. In token of confidence to the new branch the following AMSE-Conference was organized in Lviv (Ukraine) at the turn of September and October 1993. During the AMSE-Conference in Lyon (France) held in July 1994 the resolution passed to add Polish Specialists to AMSE-Ukraine. As the result the united Ukrainian-Polish regional branch of AMSE (AMSE-UAPL) was created. The AMSE-UAPL yearly organize The International Modeling Schools of AMSE-UAPL in beautiful seaside of Alushta, which is located in South Coast of Crimea (Ukraine) in time of the mellow season 12-17 September exactly. High coastal mountain, extremely clean and warm sea, subtropical climate, more fruits, good living conditions create good condition for work and recreation. The regular AMSE-UAPL-Conference was held at sport camp of Lviv Polytechnic National University. The University is one of the oldest educational establishments in Europe. In 1995 it celebrated its 150th anniversary. The area of AMSE-UAPL scientific works concern to theory of electromagnetic circuit with concentrated and distributed parameters, electromagnetic field theory in nonlinear isotropic and anisotropic, movable and immovable media, theory of electric machines and transformers, theory of independent electromechanical systems, dynamic of machines, thermodynamics, natural magnetic levitation, diagnostics by artificial neural networks, theory of algorithms, numerical methods. The scientists of our Branch are solved a lot a matter of principle theoretical problems of mathematic modelling theory first, namely: created the general theory of electric and magnetic skin effect described theory of anisotropy of non-linear media mathematically; solved the problem of conditions on border two immovable and movable media in discrete space; created the theory of parametric sensitivity in electromagnetic field theory; method of accelerated search of steady-state processes in electromagnetic field theory; created the general theory of electromagnetic circuits, including theories of transient, steady-state processes, static stability and parametric sensitivity; taking as a basis electromagnetic circuits theory they proposed new types of mathematical models of electric devises (electric machines, transformers, transducers and rest); the models differ from classical ones by the fact that regardless of the degree of detailed description of the physical process, their differential equations are written in form of Cauchy, significantly simplifying the algorithms their integration. They laid down the basis for creation of algorithms for analysis of transitional and steady-state processes, static stability and parametric sensitivity as one indivisible procedure; successfully implemented in practice the idea of combining of electromagnetic circuit theory and of electromagnetic field theory; taking as the basis this combining was solved a lot important problems of electrodynamics unsolved before and roposed the brandnew very effective class of mathematical models of electric devises, named as semifield mathematical models are created general theory of autonomous complicated electromechanical systems, consisting electrical machines, transformers and other electrical and mechanical devices; elasticity of mechanical objects and their dissipations is accounted by Lagrange's equations and by partial derivative equations; first worked out the principle of building of field mathematical models of electric devices in regime of given electric voltages as it is into practice; the know models was built in regime of given currents, in proposed method the currents belong to unknown quantities what is very important; theoretical corroborated the Kozoriz's effect of natural magnetic levitation taking as a basis the electromagnetic field theory; first proposed the principle of building of auxiliary models of parametric sensitivity; this important result gave the possibility to use the general nonlinear differential equations theory in full volume to analysis of physical objects, including analysis of transitional and steady-state processes, static stability and parametric sensitivity. successfully used the artificial neural networks to diagnostics of engineering devices. Now we successfully solve one of important mathematic modeling of computer simulation of electromagnetic processes in movable nonlinear medium. I state the great gratitude to all Participants of Conferences.

Association for the Advancement of Modelling and Simulation Techniques in Enterprises


Promote the modelling and simulation approach in the resolution of problems, including theory and applications. Scientific journals are edited by the association and meetings are organized throughout the world (2 or 3 per year) from a local support. History: Founded in 1981 by Professor Guy Mesnard of the University of Lyon (France), AMSE restarted in 1995 after the death of Professor Mesnard, with a new board.

AMSE Board:


Pr. Gil Aluja, Jaime
Avenida Diagonal, 612
08021 Barcelona (Spain)

Executive President

Pr. Gil Lafuente, Anna Maria
Avenida Diagonal 690
08034 Barcelona (Spain)


Pr. El-Khameesy, Nashaat
Sadat Academy
Cornish El-Nile El-Maadi
Cairo (Egypt)


Pr. Kumar Mahanti, Prabhat
Birla Institute of Technology
Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering
835215 Mesra (Ranchi) (India)

General Secretary

Pr. Berger-Vachon, Christian
Edouard-Herriot Hospital ORL
69437 Lyon- Cedex 03 (France)


Pr. Perrin, Emmanuel
Claude Bernard University
LRMN Laboratory
43, Bd 11 Novembre
69621 Villeurbanne cedex (France)


Dr Stemberk, Petr
Czech Technical University
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Thakurova 7
16629 Prague 6 (Czech Republic)


Pr. Vizuete Luciano, Emilio
University of Barcelona
Business Organization and Economy dept.
Avenida Diagonal 612
08021 Barcelona (Spain)


Pr. Gil Lafuente, Anna Maria
Avenida Diagonal 690
08034 Barcelona (Spain)

Deputy (adjoint)

Pr. Merigó Lindahl, Josep Maria
Avenida Diagonal 690
08034 Barcelona (Spain)


Pr. Horodecki Andrzej
Lublin Technical University
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Nadbystrzycka 38 A str., 20-618 Lublin


Pr. Vasyl Tchaban
Lviv Polytechnic National University
12/119 Bandera Str, Lviv-13, 290 646 Ukraine

AMSE Periodicals

Advances in Modelling

Series A: General Mathematics
Series B: Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition
Series C: Automatic Control (theory and applications)
Series D: Computer Science and Statistics

Modelling, Measurement and Control

Series A: General Physics and Electrical Applications
Series B: Mechanics and Thermics
Series C: Chemistry, Geology, Environment and Bioengineering
Series D: Production Engineering and Management, Organization, Human and Social Problems

Editors in Chief:
Pr C. Berger-Vachon and
Pr A.M. Gil lafuente

The following stages govern the publication: Papers are sent to the General Secretary, AMSE, 16 avenue de Grange Blanche, 69160 Tassin La Demi-Lune, France.

Ukrainian Engineering Society in Lviv

The oldest Ukrainian Engineering Society was founded in 1908 year.
President: Prof. O. Ivakhiv
The Society publishes social-scientific Technical News journal.
Editors in Chief: Prof. V. Tchaban
The Society functions as branch of Ukrainian Engineering Association.

Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Electric Engineering (Rzeszow branch)

The Polish scientific Society was founded in 2000 year. President: Prof. K. Buczek The Society functions as branch of Polish Association of Theoretical and Applied Electric Engineering.


Organized by:

Ukrainian Engineering Society in Lviv (Ukraine)
Polish Society of Theoretic and Applied Electric Engineering (Rzeszow branch) (Poland)
Lviv Polytechnic National University (Ukraine)
Lutsk National Technical University (Ukraine)
University of Rzeszow. Institute of Technology (Poland)
Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University (Ukraine)
Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding (Ukraine)
Rzeszow University of Technology. Department of Power Electronic and Engineering (Poland)
Institute of post-diploma studies at the Lviv Polytechnic National University (Ukraine)
Institute of Business and Perspective Technologies at the Lviv Polytechnic National University (Ukraine)


Instruction for Participants of Conferences

On the AMSE-UAPL-Conferences are read 3-5 lectures length to the 1,5 hours. The rest of lectures are presented on Poster session. The prepared Camera-ready (laser printer) articles are brought on the Conference directly and are submitted for review of Conference to secretariat. In case of positive opinion 1-2 month later they will be printed in Proceeding of the Conference as addition to the Technical News journal.


The English, Ukrainian and Polish are working languages of Conference.

The rules of official registration of papers

Paper: A4, all margines - 20 mm.
The title of paper 18 pt. (center, bold).
After title (after 6 pt.) are written names and surnames of Authors and institutions (centre).
Body text: Time New Roman 10 pt. Standard 2 columns (beetwen - 5mm).
The title of figures 8 pt. The list of literatures 8 pt.
Styles: vectors: bold, regular; Latin: italic; Greek, Slavic: regular.
The size of paper: 2-4 pages (from top to bottom filled).
On the first page must be space 15 mm!
On the beginning of paper must be short abstract on English only (in Polish and Ukrainian papers English too): italic (before 6 pt. after 12 pt.).
It is desirable that You should duplicate their papers on CD in Word and PDF too!


Main topics

Modeling for/by simulation, application in electric engineering, mechanics, thermo­dy­na­mics, economize of power, modern engineering technologies, computers sciences, business, numerical methods and mathe­matics.

Contact Addresses


12/110 Bandera str.
79013 Lviv-13 Ukraine
Tel.: +38 067 7202181

The International Modelling Schools of AMSE-UAPL are unique Conferences in the world where everyone has possibility to associate with dolphins! The swift dolphin is emblem of our ANSE-UAPL-Conferences in Crimea.


16/333 Reitan str.
35-310 Rzeszow Poland
Tel.: (0048) 17 851-87-23, 851-85-20